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About YEAR | ONE Bursary Challenge

YEAR | ONE is all about those daring firsts – the moments when you decide to take a leap, embrace your potential, and make your mark on the world. ​The kind of leap that deserves to be rewarded. 

Let's get excited about those crucial first steps, daring attempts, and day one of life's incredible journeys. It's during these moments people choose to bet on themselves and carve out their unique mark on the world. 

Ten lucky Atlantic Canadians entering their first year of post-secondary education have the chance to snag a bursary worth $2,500 each.  (There are also 100 swag packages to be won!)

We’re calling on all dream-chasers, trailblazers, and young visionaries to apply.  Whether you're diving into entrepreneurship or on a quest for social impact, Year|One wants to hear from you!

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